Read the latest news about our work developing innovative solutions and approaches to improve land-use governance.


Read the latest news about our work developing innovative solutions and approaches to improve land-use governance.

Ivorian couple holds their land certificateNitidae

How securing land tenure can help fight both desertification and deforestation

The EU REDD Facility moderated an EU side event held during the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Speakers from the EU, Ivorian NGOs and the Facility agreed that the fight against desertification in Côte d'Ivoire is closely linked to the fight against deforestation.

The EU REDD Facility addresses climate action and land-use planning at the 13th Forest Governance Forum 

The 13th Forest Governance Forum took place in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, from 23-24 May 2022. Following the forest commitments made in 2021 in Glasgow, UK, at 26th United Nations Climate Conference (COP 26), the Forum addressed the intersection of forest governance, the green economy, climate change and land-use planning.

At COP26: Promoting sustainable trade through transparency and traceability

At the COP26 Indonesia Pavilion on 8 November, European Forest Institute (EFI) expert Thomas Sembres presented ideas on promoting sustainable trade through transparency and traceability in forest, agriculture commodities and trade. Speaking at the Indonesian Pavilion, Sembres made the case for raising the visibility of sustainability, and for creating more differentiation in global markets between what is sustainable and what is not.

The lessons of COVID-19: facilitation for sustainability

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the environment. As resources for forest management decline, risks of criminal activity such as illegal logging have escalated. At the same time, many cooperation projects aimed at reducing deforestation or improving biodiversity conservation have suffered delays and breaks in their activities.

New insights: Leveraging data for supply chain sustainability 

The EU REDD Facility has released a new Transparency Pathway Insights series, showing that supply chain and trade data can support sustainability. The first Insight explores market connections between the EU and Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia for three major agricultural commodities — soy, coffee and palm oil.
Discussion with the ninik mamak, or customary heads, of the Padang Hilalang customary community in West Sumatra, Indonesia.Pandong Spenra, KARSA

A way forward for Indonesian customary forests and timber management

Supporting customary and indigenous groups to manage the forests they depend on helps reduce deforestation in tropical countries. With Indonesian civil society organisation KARSA, the EU REDD Facility has researched options for integrating customary forests into Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system.

The EU REDD Facility shares 10 lessons for ending tropical deforestation

As the EU REDD Facility marks its 10-year anniversary, it has released a summation of key lessons learned in working to strengthen efforts to ensure tropical forests meet their potential to limit climate change. Over the last decade the Facility has worked towards empowering stakeholders to strengthen the rule of law, to promote sustainable land use and investment, and to enhance supply chain transparency.
Independent monitors during a field inspection, Republic of the Congo.European Forest Institute

Forest sector independent monitoring: promise for land-use governance

Despite decades of efforts, forests are still being lost at an alarming rate, particularly in tropical countries. A civil society approach for contributing to improving forest governance – Independent Monitoring – has earned its stripes over the last decade as a legitimate activity through which non-state actors can influence natural resource governance.
Tropical rainforest, Latin AmericaGustavo Frazao

EU REDD Facility releases highlights and insights from 2020

The EU REDD Facility has published its annual report for 2020, with highlights and insights into work achieved over the year. COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges for the world’s forests and the people depending on them.