Terpercaya – Finding trusted jurisdictional models of sustainable palm oil production and trade in Indonesia


  • Location

    Online via the Zoom platform (individual link to be sent upon registration). The event will be streamed on YouTube by the Jakarta Post.

  • Date

    Tuesday, 30 March 2021

  • Time

    14h – 16h (Jakarta time, GMT+7)

  • Organisers

    Bappenas, Inobu and the European Forest Institute

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Global demands for sustainability are growing, and consumers are becoming more selective in choosing products based on the geographical origin and production processes. Suppliers must adapt to this shift in consumer behaviour, by providing evidence that their products have been produced without damaging the environment or ignoring the rights of local people.

The Terpercaya Initiative aims to provide trusted information on sustainability at the subnational level in Indonesia, by developing an application that will provide credible information to buyers assessing where to source products.

The Terpercaya Initiative is part of the Indonesian Government’s efforts to promote sustainability in commodity supply chains and improve the welfare of communities, especially smallholders, by providing accurate information to markets. It is also aligned with the country’s 2020-2024 national medium-term development plan (RPJMN) which sets out seven development agendas.


This virtual event is being held to:

  • Raise awareness of progress regarding sustainable production and trade of Indonesian palm oil, in the context of global and EU market developments and increased consumer awareness.
  • Improve understanding of market considerations in determining preferred product sourcing locations in the context of increasing demand for sustainability.
  • Promote Terpercaya to buyers and markets as a source of accurate, credible information on the sustainability of districts in Indonesia.
  • Affirm the role of the government in convening parties to implement the jurisdictional approach at central and subnational levels.


Moderator: Vela Andapita, The Jakarta Post journalist

Opening remarks, launching and playing the Terpercaya Video (30 minutes)


  • Ir. Anang Noegroho Setyo Moeljono, MEM (Director of Food and Agriculture, The Ministry of PPN/Bappenas)
  • Henriette Faergemann, First Counsellor, Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia & Brunei Darussalam

Speakers inputs and discussion (80 minutes)

The Director of Food and Agriculture, Bappenas, will discuss challenges in promoting Indonesian palm oil, the advantages of a jurisdictional approach to address sustainability challenges, how the jurisdictional approach has advanced in Indonesia, the role of government in providing accurate information on sustainability, and using Terpercaya to inform due diligence assessments in Indonesian districts.

First Counsellor, Delegation of the EU to Indonesia will discuss how EU markets will develop in relation to sustainability and trade, and EU efforts to support the achievement of sustainability in Indonesia.

The Director of Agriculture & Forestry Product Export, Ministry of Trade will discuss the domestic and international challenges in the Indonesian palm oil trade, efforts to address sustainability challenges, changes in consumer behaviour towards environmental and social responsibility affecting the Indonesian palm oil trade, and how Terpercaya can bridge gaps in information between the situation in individual districts and market needs regarding sustainability.

The KAMI Project Manager will discuss the role of partnerships in palm oil sustainability and trade dialogues and in supporting sustainable commodity production and trade, how partnerships for palm oil sustainability and trade can be furthered across international value chains, and the KAMI project which will build on and further support the Terpercaya Initiative.

The Southeast Asia Policy Engagement Manager at CDP will discuss considerations in sourcing raw materials and how these relate to palm oil in Indonesia, changes in consumer demands and behaviour influencing company decisions in choosing suppliers, and whether Terpercaya presents information relevant for companies/buyers in meeting consumer demands.

The Terpercaya Secretariat /Senior Advisor Inobu will discuss Terpercaya’s progress as a source of accurate and credible information for supply chain actors, whether Terpercaya can guarantee the objectivity of district-level information on sustainability performance, what Terpercaya provides to meet buyers’ information needs, and if Terpercaya is able to respond to market challenges in providing information to consumers on the sustainability of products in Indonesian districts.


  • Ir. Anang Noegroho Setyo Moeljono, MEM (Director of Food and Agriculture, The Ministry of PPN/Bappenas)
  • Henriette Faergemann, First Counsellor, Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia & Brunei Darussalam
  • Asep Asmara, S.E., M.M. (Director of Export Agriculture and Forestry Products, The Ministry of Trade)
  • Dr. Jeremy Broadhead (KAMI Project Manager)
  • Nur Maliki Arifiandi S.Hut, M.Sc. (Policy Engagement Manager, Forests at CDP)
  • Dr. Josi Khatarina, SH, LL.M (Terpercaya Secretariat/Senior Advisor Inobu)

Formulation of discussion results (5 minutes)

The moderator will formulate discussion results and provide key quotes from each speaker.

Group photo and closing (5 minutes)

Group photo and closing led by the moderator.